We prefer GoPay


GoPay is a Czech, modern, fast, internet payment system with a high level of security. It offers payments via electronic wallet and all the most popular payment methods on the Czech Internet within a single user interface. GoPay is your payment partner with a guarantee of a trusted and secure payment environment.


Get benefits with your GoPay wallet

The GoPay wallet offers an electronic version of a regular wallet for small daily payments. No more filling in personal data, no hidden fees, with a GoPay wallet you can click a few times and you can shop immediately. Fast. Easily. Free. Anytime. Try the GoPay wallet at https://www.gopay.cz


The main benefits of a GoPay wallet:

  • Create and use for free
  • Non-sensitive registration and bank account number
  • Fast top-ups and instant payments
  • Payments to any bank account
  • Ideal for paying small amounts of money
  • Ideal as an online money box for the youngest users
  • Meets all security standards


How to pay easily with GoPay

1. Choose a product / service

Choose the goods / services you are interested in on the online store.

2. Confirm order

On the online store page, fill in the data and confirm the order of the selected goods / services.

3. Choice of payment method

The GoPay payment gateway window will open, where you can select the tab for your preferred payment method.

4. Make a payment

On the GoPay payment gateway, follow the instructions according to the chosen payment method. After you make a payment, you will be redirected back to the online store.

5. Order fulfillment

Payment is made automatically and the order of the selected goods / services by the online store is processed immediately.